Oblivion IA: Field Operations

Mission 2: From Cornfields in Iowa to Cafes in Eastern Europe P2

With the wakeup call for a SitRep from their boss Agent John Alldrene and Agent Scarlett Alldrene get word another agent is getting sent in to assist. They wonder about the how’s, why’s, and where they should meet this person went they get a call from Pyotr Petrovich who’s downtown with the new agent for the mission Barri Sloan. With a good 12 hours of time in a van with Pyotr while he discussed Russian Folklore for the majority of the trip it seems the new agent is ready to either talking about what the agents found themselves or shoot someone possibly Pyotr.

Mission 1: From Cornfields in Iowa to Cafes in Eastern Europe P1

In the office into the early hours of the morning two agents find themselves wondering when they’d get an assignment and stop having to play solitaire for days at a time when their boss walks in looking haggard as if just woken up. Looking at the time reveals it’s a little past 2:30 in the morning on a Sunday. Seeing two agents and looking at a file he quickly deals out a simple mission.

With a scientist supposedly kidnapped the agency normally wouldn’t have any concern but considering a supposed new form of clean energy is going to be worked on by one scientist (Sosolan Dzhusoyuv) and it created enough buzz for six other countries to chip in funding to a small unknown company in South Ossetia plus the Allied Investigation Bureau is involved we’re inclined to step in. Supposedly chatter indicates they took the man to find out if the energy source derives from demonic or dangerous occult magic. Due to the methods used Oblivion is stepping in. The team will have a contact when you get into country to tell you more intel if needed. They’re ordered to report to the armory to get their gear before boarding a flight to Ossetia, Interpol badges with their pictures are already waiting with different names.

The team find out that Allied Investigation Bureau may or may not being using unsavory methods to get information. They find out Lira Kozaeva-Tskhovrebova, their contact may look like a globe trotting partying girl but she was there to take them around and tell them about the area as needed.

The agents visit a bar in the town. John outdrinks the bartender and makes a friend. The bartender and some of the older locals tell John and Scarlett about a someone who might have been a relative of Sosolan Dzhusoyuv (kidnapped scientist) who used to live in the town. The bartender’s Grandfather told him about a man with dubious motives who had sought to buy a specific plot of property in the older portion of the town, using threats of violence and forcing people to sell or give him their property. The town eventually had enough and hung the man. His body continued twitching and moving for several minutes after he was hung, so they shot him several times and then buried him in an unmarked grave. Approximately 10 years later, a gigantic blue light appeared in the area where the elder Dzhusoyuv had lived (before his neighbors had enough). There is a lot of confusion about how it happened, but following the blue light appearing, several buildings were damaged in a similar manner to an air raid. Nobody seems to know what exactly happened, but they believe that the “air raid” was somehow connected to the blue light.

1 XP Awarded John and Scarlet


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