Beast Friend

Rank: Novice
Power Points: Special
Range: Smarts x 100 yards
Duration: 10 minutes

Trappings: The mage concentrates and gestures with his

This spell allows mages to speak with and guide the actions
of nature’s beasts. It works only on creatures with animal
intelligence, not humanoids. Nor does it work on conjured,
magical, or otherwise “unnatural” animals.
The target must be within the sorcerer’s range—it is not

The cost to control a creature depends on its Size. The base
cost is 3, plus twice its Size for creatures with a Size greater
than 0. A great white shark (Size +4) costs 3 plus 8 (2×4), or
11 points. A roc (Size +8) costs 19 Power Points to control.

Swarms may also be controlled. Small swarms cost 3,
Mediums 5, and Large 8. Thus a single rat costs 3 to control,
as does a small swarm of the creatures.

Beast Friend

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