Shape Change

Rank: Special
Power Points: Special
Range: Self
Duration: 1 minute (1/minute)
Trappings: “Morphing,” talismans, tattoos.
Many cultures have legends of shamans or wizards who
take on the shape of animals. This power does just that.
This version of the power only allows a user to transform
into mundane animals, but more bizarre transmutations may
be found.

A character may learn this spell while of Novice Rank but
cannot transform into the more powerful creatures until
he attains the appropriate Rank. The cost in Power Points
depends on the type of creature the character wishes to
change into. Use the Shape Change table as a guideline for
unlisted creatures.

Weapons and other personal effects are assumed into the
animal’s form and reappear when the power ends, but other
objects are dropped.

While transformed, the character retains his own Smarts,
Spirit, and linked skills (though he may not be able to use
them since he cannot speak). He gains the animal’s Agility,
Strength, and linked skills and cannot use most devices. He
has no capacity for speech and cannot use powers, though he
may continue to maintain powers previously activated. Vigor
is the higher of the caster’s or the creature’s.
The GM has final say on what an animal can and cannot
do. A shaman in dog-form might be able to pull the trigger
on a shotgun, for instance, but would use a default skill roll
of d4–2 as the animal has no Shooting score of its own. The
shaman’s Persuasion functions normally, but might suffer a
–4 or worse penalty without speech, depending on what he
tries to accomplish.

Shape Change
Cost Rank Animal Types
3 Novice Hawk, rabbit, cat
4 Seasoned Dog, wolf, deer
5 Veteran Lion, tiger
6 Heroic Bear, shark
7 Legendary Great white shark

Shape Change

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